Untitled-1pawprint5If we cannot safely Contain your family pet, Pet Stop of North Georgia, Inc. will refund not only the cost of electronics, but will include the cost of labor and taxes as well. No other company offers over 8000 Programing Options and Receivers that provide not only 6Volt options, like other invisible dog fence brands, but 7.5Volt and 12Volt options as well. If 1.) the system is installed correctly, 2.) the collar is programed correctly, and 3.) the training is accomplished as prescribed, your dog is guaranteed contained.

“We put our Money where our Mouth is” Your Dog’s Safety is Our Success; Nothing Else is as Important!

product_group_img1.) No other Electronic Dog Fence company offers a Smaller, Lighter Weight Rechargeable Receiver in the Commercial Products Industry
2.) No other Hidden Dog Fence Brand offers a Diagnostic Receiver that tests in all 5 Critical Areas of Operation:

A.) Program Correct,
B.) Pulse/Shock Level Correct,
C.) Pulse Activation Correct – collar actually shocks as programed,
D.) Receiver Fully charged,
E.) Bi-Functionality Check, Guarantee’s that Receiver Never has a False Activation

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Discounts for Training and Boarding Services with the Purchase of a Pet Stop Brand Hidden Dog Fence

Untitled-2Pet Stop Brand is the Only American Made Commercial Product on the Market today. Our Company’s Experience in Cutting Edge Experience and goes back almost 40 years with our President of Perimeter Technologies Inc., John Purtell. Pet Stop Brand Invisible Dog Fence has been installed in the Greater Atlanta and East Alabama Markets since 2002.
The folks that work for Pet Stop of North Georgia, Inc. are all employees with company benefits, each one is vested in your Underground Dog Fence Project; we Understand that Your Success, Is Our Success! We realize that you are the Customer, and that we are only as good as the last Pet Stop® Fence we install. We endeavor to operate with the highest degree of Integrity and Honesty in each of our day to day activities!

99.6% Safely Contained Nationally No other system can match the range of patented, customizable features and expert training offered by Pet Stop®. The Gentle Steps™ training is a Pet Stop exclusive. Eco-Lite Rechargeable Receiver and its diagnostic charger are also exclusive to Pet Stop. Our customizable systems produce a 99.6% successful containment rating – the highest in the industry. Locally, we have only had one dog in Cumming, Ga. That was not contained due to customer error, ask Mike for the details Founded in 1992, Pet Stop is managed by a team of industry pioneers with the most experience and highest pet aptitude in the business. Only Pet Stop combines our genuine love of pets with in-depth knowledge and commitment to technology to produce the finest, most reliable pet containment system in the world.

“We put our Money where our Mouth is” Your Dog’s Safety is Our Success; Nothing Else is as Important!

pawprint5Pet Stop® OT-300 Lightning Suppression

Perimeter Technologies professionally manufactures & designs the OT-300 so that it is protected from voltage spikes either internally or externally. An internal surge protector limits the voltage by blocking any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold. Remember that your OT-300 has an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty (Pet Stop’s Ultra Care Warranty) against mal-function and damage by lightening or power surge. This warranty is backed by Perimeter Technologies and Pet Stop of North Georgia, Inc. Pet Stop of North Georgia, Inc. installs the Commercial Grade Professional Series OT-300 Pet Stop® electronic dog fence system in your home with a 3rd level of protection in the form of a grounding rod. Your system is grounded with at least a 14 Gauge Grounding Wire. As you look at the OT-300 picture you can see that the power supply (left side) is protected by the Pet Stop Surge Protector from inside surges coming from your Breaker Box or other systems plugged into the same circuit. On the right side the Boundary Loop Wire and the grounding wire plug into the OT-300. Our installations are the only installations in Atlanta where 3 forms of protection are used. 1) Surge / Suppressor inside the OT-300 Transmitter, 2) In-line surge protection for the Boundary Loop around your home, 3) Grounding Rod for protection against Lightning Strikes on trees on your property, adjacent properties, your own home or any other form of entry. Lightning follows the path of least resistance, from any direction. 

Box-Image-2Pet Stop® Surge Protector

Notice that the Pet Stop Power Supply plugs straight into the Internal Surge Protector. This is key to protecting the Pet Stop® System from a surge coming through the Breaker Box or another system in the circuit. Invisible Dog Fences are often sharing the same circuit with low voltage outside lighting, and sprinkler systems. These two systems are very conductive and very suceptable to surges from both Inside and outside your home. This In-Line Surge Protector is key to protecting your home and your Pet Stop from damage. The Red Tabs shown above is where the Boundary Wire Loop around your home is secured. Every Pet Stop installation comes with an In-Line Surge Protector. If a surge is over 800 millivolts, the In-Line Surge Protector contacts will open and prevent the current from jumping across to the transmitter side, the two Black Tabs labelled Transmitter; of coarse the protection travels in either direction making it a very important level of protection for your home and our Pet Stop® System. We believe in providing the maximum protection possible for your Pet Stop® and for your home!

Box-Image-3External Lightening Protection

Third Level: Exterior Protection Pet Stop is the only company in Atlanta, North Georgia and East Alabama to use all 3 forms of Lightening & Breaker Box Surge Protection. Pet Stop Installations protect your Hidden Pet Fence & your Home both Inside & Outside. The OT-300 is connected directly to the grounding rod by at least a 14 gauge grounding wire. From East Alabama, Seneca South Carolina, High Lands of North Carolina, to LaGrange and Conyers, throughout Atlanta and all of North Georgia, Pet Stop of North Georgia, Inc. does its very best to protect your Pet Stop System and your home with all 3 types of Lightening Protection.

mosquito-squad-of-columbia-dogpawprint5Pet Stop professionally trained installers like, Adam, Matthew, Shane, Mike, Taylor and Scott are skilled with years of experience in installing any configuration you can throw at us! Any dog, any yard, any place including streams, and lakes; we have seen just about everything! (cost ranges from $75 to $250) Feel free to call us on the phone (404)536-6770 to ask any question pertaining to your professional pet fence project; we will spend as much time needed. We would love to Set Up an Appointment with you at a time that is convenient for your at your property.

pawprint5Sales Agreement Text for website 2015-3-2The weak link in any Invisible Dog Fence is the Boundary Wire. We take extra time to insure that your 16-14 gauge (45mil to 50mil jacket) wire is installed 6” deep which is deeper than a core aerator plugs the ground; we protect your wire across the driveway, sidewalk and in and out of flower beds. If it gets cut in any of these areas, we will repair the boundary wire free – THAT’S RIGHT, WE STAND BEHIND OUR WORK! If you live on a lake property, or your installation is 2-3 acres or more we will install with a 14 Gauge Multi-Strand Wire. Pet Stop uses a Commercial Grand Boundary Wire and Installs that wire 6” deep.

Sales Agreement Text for website 2015-3-5If you have an Invisible Fence Brand, Dog Watch Brand, or most other Brands. Pet Stop can program our Receivers to work on our competitions transmitters. We will work with you to save you as much money as possible. If you would like to Swap Out your Old Invisible Fence or Dog Watch System, we would be happy. If you have older equipment that still works, we would be happy to re-Install your electronics and provide a Boundary Wire with a Unconditional Warranty against cracking, peeling, cracking and corrosion. Our Installation will include the Warranty of your Old System as though it were our own New Pet Stop Electronics! Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

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photo-1422565096762-bdb997a56a84pawprint5Perimeter Technologies Inc. is located in Morgantown PA. Our Product is Proudly Made in America; this is important to me! Manufacturer’s Warranty is the most important warranty to the Invisible Dog Fence customer because it means that no matter where you move to next your warranty follows you. Pet Stop of North Georgia, Inc. is the Dealer for the Atlanta Ga. And Auburn Al. markets. Our Ultra Care Warranty™ is an Unconditional Warranty Covering Every aspect of your fence. This Warranty is documented both on the front and back of our Sales Agreement. Check for this as you consider other Brands. It is not enough to have it on websites, marketing materials and communicated by a local dealer; it should be legally documented and Bound through documentation on the Sales Agreement/Contract. We do not sell any part of our Professional Series Hidden Pet Fence System that does not carry an unconditional lifetime warranty!

If Pet Stop of North Georgia, Inc. is for any reason not able to contain your dog, following our step by step process to insuring 100% safe containment, we will refund 100% of your purchase price. There is no reason, what so ever, that you should expect we cannot do what we say. We have this 100% Money Back Guarantee so you will see our confidence In the Professional Series OT-300 Pet Containment System. Your dog is important to you and it is the desire that he be able to play safely in his our yard, not running up and down the street and through the neighborhood – SAFE CONTAINMENT IS OUR #1 PRIORTY! You may have heard that some dogs cannot be contained; ask us how we deal with hard to contain dogs. We have only had one dog not contained and this was because the pet owner did not follow a few simple rules about using his Pet Stop Fence….ask us about what happened and why some people say some dogs cannot be contained? Keeping Your Pet Safe at Home is Our Business and the Product We are Selling you – Lifetime Unconditional Containment with Every Installation!

resize_perfect-1024x682We Work Very Hard to give you and your pet the Perfect Invisible Dog Fence Experience;

sometimes things do not go exactly as planned. When this happens for any reason, we want to know about it. Did we over look something; Did we fail to meet your Expectation? We work very hard not to over promise and then under deliver. Not making any mistakes is our absolute goal with every pet fence installation; equally important is what we do and how we respond if we do not meet your expectation. Given the chance, we will do everything possible to provide a solution acceptable. Our review average is a 4.8 out of a possible 5.0 for our dealership. Check us out for yourself  https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF- 8#q=pet%20stop%20of%20north%20georgia%20reviews

  • shutterstock_119415460 Made In America Research and Development
  •  Digitally Modulated Signaling and Receiver Activations
  •  Digital Circuitry in Transmitter and Receiver
  •  Diagnostic Receivers and Charging Stands
  • Smart Receiver Bi-functionality – tests every incoming signal
  •  Guaranteed to Activate 100% and Never False Activate
  •  Cross Brand Compatibility – Dog Watch and Invisible Fence
  •  8000 programing options, 5 modulation options, 5 Khz setting
  • 100% Digitized functionality in Transmitters and Receivers
  •  Lightest ¾ ounce, smallest receiver in the Industry.
  •  “Edge to Edge”™ Technology for yards ¼ acre or less allows dog to the edge of the Boundary Wire.
  •  Fastest Receiver reaction time of 80 milsec. vs 125 milsec. for other brands
  • 25 year recharging non-battery options as well as battery options
  • Portable fence option of up to ½ acre with our Inside Wireless Transmitter
  •  Progressive shock option for smaller dogs – tickle to “Brick Wall Stopping Power”
  •  6 volt, 7.5 volt and 12 volt Receiver Options
  •  Spring Loaded Probes for dogs with very thick coats and difficult to contain dogs
  • “Gentile Steps” Training Options
  • Locates your Boundary Wire to within 6 inches
  • Only 100% sealed Receivers for 100% Water Proof guarantee – No battery cap
  •  Smart Receiver Technology™ allows Receiver to be distance functional not timer set
  •  Real Time Battery Life™ Indicator, Program Auto Shut off for dogs not a threat to bolt
  • Receiver flashes red for 7-10 days to warn battery is low
  • Blinking Security Light Option for keeping track of your dog at night while out in the yard