This is the Heart of What Dog Watch® Sells – FM Signal

This is the Heart of What Dog Watch® Sells each time they talk about their product. What is the truth about the so called “False Activation”; they throw around as a Fear Tactic about other products Like Pet Stop®, Invisible Fence® and AM Digital Modulation? The Fact that the local Dog Watch Dealer does not tell you is their installers can choose either AM or FM Modulation on their Newest Transmitter, so which is it? Will the Installer select AM or FM for your installation? This choice is all a Big Deal about Nothing because both are digitally modulated just like Pet Stop Brand and Invisible Fence Brand.

What “False Activation” is Dog Watch really talking about then?  All invisible dog fence Brands, (including Dog Watch Brand) can and do activate when their transmitted signal bleeds over onto a ComCast Cable, Direct TV Cable, AT&T Cable, Etc. These utilities enter your home at different places and in different rooms of your home. They even run through crawl spaces and between the floors of your home as they wind their way from one room to the next. This “bleeding over signal” can cause any Receiver to activate in a place it should not. Pet Stop of North Georgia, Inc. Guarantees this false activation will not occur on our system through proper grounding, installation and signal filtering where needed. The team at Pet Stop will even go to the extent of having all utilities marked so they can remove old utility cables that might pose any potential problems. Pet Stop’s Contract States a Guarantee that Our System will not Falsely Activate. Dog Watch® takes this event, Turns it on its Ear and calls it a false activation cause by a Digitally Modulated AM frequency that is not as safe as theirs. This is clearly a deceptive, dishonest practice By Dog Watch. Your local Dog Watch Dealer knows this fact and PLAYS on their so called FM signal sounding like an FM Radio Station; this is nothing less that false advertising/marketing.

Pet Stop vs Dog Watch FM Signaling

Dog Watch of Atlanta Hidden Dog Fence claims that Digitally Modulated AM Based invisible dog fence systems “misfire” this is untrue, false advertising and does not pertain to Pet Stop of North Georgia, Inc. Pet Stop® Brand is the most technologically advanced professional underground dog fence system on the market. Pet Stop is manufactured in Morgantown PA. and Proudly Made in America. The paragraph below is copied straight from the Dog Watch website  If they are dishonest and misleading you in one area can you trust them in other areas of their product comparisons? We would NEVER sell you a product that would accidently shock a sweet little puppy or any other pet playing safely in Our Pet Stop Invisible Dog Fence. Dog Watch® needs to be honest with its advertising and admit that this is 2015 and not 1970. All Signaling is Digitally Modulated including Pet Stop Brand, Invisible Fence Brand and Dog Watch Brand.

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Dog Watch’s Newest Transmitter Signals with AM Radio Signal?

If Dog Watch® Brand claims that SAFELINK® Is the Safest Digitally Modulated Radio Signal, then why does Dog Watch give their Dealers the option of switching between AM and FM Signaling?

The local Dog Watch Website Says:

  • “Since digital AM radio is not as clear and secure as digital FM, these companies use clever wording in an attempt to compete against the ONLY Hidden Fence company in the entire industry that offers an FM digital radio based product; DogWatch®. By drawing attention to a commonly applied technology (DM) and making it appear as an advancement that differentiates their product, these companies are attempting to divert attention away from the fact that their product is AM radio based.
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