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With over 10,000 dog fence installations in the last 25 years, we know how to install an electric dog fence that works best for your dog’s safety and comfort. With Pet Stop® Ultra Care CoverageTM, you will never buy another component for your underground dog fence. We guarantee the safety of your boundary wire against landscaping, edging, core-aeration. Pet Stop® of North Georgia uses 12, 14 and 16 gauge commercial grade wire with a 45- 50 Mil jacket.

All components are installed with an unconditional lifetime guarantee and warranty. If you already have a Dog Watch® or Invisible Fence® Hidden Dog Fence, we can warranty, rewire, and service these brands as well. Call us today and we will fix your brand fence with in 72 hours.

We use only state of the art components, like the OT-300 Computer Transmitter and Smallest, lightest, Diagnostic, Rechargeable, Bluetooth Receivers with over 8000 programing options, Manufactured in the USA with imported raw materials, installed with a life-time warranty against malfunction for any reason. We guarantee that once you install Pet Stop®, you will never buy another piece of equipment at, full price, for your fence. Our dog fences come with lifetime warranties, warranty processing on all components and lifetime containment guarantees with each Pet Stop® collar we sell.

Electric Dog Fence Installations

Our team will install your pet’s boundary wire about 6″ deep and within about 6 inches of sidewalks, driveways and curbs as well as where you tells us your property line is. We never run your wire where it will be in danger of being cut by your landscaper. We guarantee and protect your boundary wire from edging and core-aeration.

We are the only company that activates your sprinkler to protect against damage to sprinkler heads and values. we will not be responsible for water supply lines which should be 10″ deep.

Pet Stop® takes a little longer to install and is a little more involved than other systems, but our team, having not less than 12 years experience and certified dog trainers believes the extra time, effort and materials spent is worth our effort. We work hard to minimize any possibility of a service call after the installation. We are the only company in Atlanta to install three forms of lightning and surge protection with every installation (OT-300 Suppressor, Surge Protector, Grounding Rod).
Through many installation enhancements, over 25 yrs, and Pet Stop’s swap-out program, we have almost eliminated your service call cost. If a component stops working for any reason at all, we will gladly mail you the replacement component and you will mail us the component that does not work anymore. This special service works for components, programing, troubleshooting and does not void your warranty!
After installation is complete, our installer, we will take you on a component-by-component tour of your new electronic dog fence, and we will ensure you understand your new hidden dog fence through and through. We also work you through training your dog and return at no charge as needed.
We will locate your utilities and activate your sprinkler system before we install so we know where everything is. We contact the “call before you dig” so you do not need to make that call.

After the installation, we will do a “Train the Trainer” session with you and your family. We will explain how your family pet will interact in his new electronic dog fence. He will be safely contained, we guarantee it or we refund 100% of your investment. We have never met a dog we could not safely contain; we install any dog on any property. We will install in lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.
If you are having problems with your family pet using his new yard, we will come out at no cost and give you a hand.
Pet Stop® will do everything possible to make your experience with us one that you will tell your friends and neighbors about. We believe it when we say Pet Stop® is the “Best Dog Fence You’ll Never See!”™

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