repairMy Underground Dog Fence Needs Repair!

Are you an existing Underground Dog Containment or Do-it-yourself customer needing help?  We’re here to help you for any or all of the following problems (or whatever specific need you have with your Pet Stop product). Give us a call today at 404-536-6770 call us today.

  • My dog’s boundary wire has been cut

  • My dog fence Transmitter is malfunctioning

  • My battery is weak, signal is weak

  • My dog’s collar is not working, needs adjusting

  • My dog’s collar is not strong enough

  • My system is not protected against lightening or power surges

We only use professional grade products and commercial grade equipment to ensure the very best solution and repair services for your pets.

Here are some other repair and replacement services we provide our customers with:

  • We sell Underground Dog Containment System Replacement Batteries

  • We offer Boundary Reflagging and Dog Training

  • Professional grade products, Commercial grade equipment

  • Professional Wire Break locator to help find breaks faster

  • Compatible Collars that work on not only Pet Stop® but are compatible with other Underground Dog Containment Systems

  • Swap-out offers that can save you as much as $300 off a Pet Stop® Installation

  • Highly competitive service rates and quick 72 hour response times

Underground Dog Containment Systems: Replacement Information

Replacement dog collars for most any fencing system

At Atlanta Pet Stop, we have a full line of affordable replacement collars that will work with just about any existing dog fencing system including the Underground Dog Containment 700, 800 Series, as well as Underground Fence Boundary Plus Receivers, Pet Stop® provides the most innovative products that are designed to not only meet, but exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications at a fraction of the cost. Dog Fence Repairs – Underground Fence – All Hidden Dog Fences.

Why Pay More? Try our Eco-Lite Rechargeable Collar & Edge to Edge Technology
Pet Stop® of North Georgia offers replacement collars that can be up to half of what you would expect to buy original replacement equipment all without sacrificing durability and performance.

It’s Your Choice
Pet Stop® offers three different collar receiver options with 6 volt, 7.5 volt and 12 volt batteries all come with lifetime warranty options. If you have a tough dog we have a Tough Dog Collar, Pet Stop offers 6, 7.5, and 12 volts Hidden Dog Fence Collars that guarantees safe containment of any dog breed.

Durable and Waterproof
Have a dog that loves the water? No problem with Pet Stop’s exclusive water-tight housing design. This is one collar that can take a licking!

Excellent Long Lasting Underground Dog Containment System Batteries – Power Cap

Perimeter® brand batteries for Underground Dog Containment dog collars
Perimeter Technologies® has designed a replacement battery for the Underground Dog Containment electronic dog containment system that features superior, patented construction at a more affordable price lasting up to six months. For the first time ever, you can purchase Perimeter® replacement batteries for your Underground Dog Containment System direct from your local Pet Stop Pro for up to 50% off the original purchase price. Call today for more information. 404.536.6770

Patented Design
A battery design that not only meets the manufacturer’s specifications, it exceeds them. A design so unique it was awarded its own design patent. Our batteries last nine to 12 months. Underground Fence Power Cap Battery Programs ship to you every three months ours lasts 6-9 months for much less.

Greater Reliability
Strengthened contact material for greater durability and corrosion resistance from water damage

Long-life Batteries
This replacement battery is unconditionally guaranteed to last as long as the original or your money back! These replacement Underground Dog Containment batteries last 6-9 months and some even longer. Battery life is determined by the quality of the battery and the number of times each week your dog challenges his Underground Dog Fence.

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