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Contact Atlanta Pet Stop Dog Fence, LLC – Independent Underground Fence Repairs

Family Owned and Operated for 20 Years
+1 (404) 536 6770

72 Hour Service Guarantee for Your Underground Dog Fence System – Independent service for Underground Fence and Dog Watch Brands also available.

Please fill out the form below to request service for your Electronic Dog Fence Including Underground Fence, Dog Watch and Pet Safe Brands.

Times Of Availability

Underground Dog Fence Installations (starting at 9am and 2pm)

Monday, Tuesday        Start Times 9AM                  2PM

Wednesday                   Start Times 9AM

Thursday, Friday        Start Times 9AM                  2PM

On Site Evaluations

Monday, Tuesday   8AM – 7PM

Wednesday              8AM – 12 Noon

Thursday, Friday    8AM – 7PM

Plexidor Dog Door Installations

Monday, Tuesday   10AM – 4PM

Wednesday             10AM – 12 Noon

Thursday, Friday    10AM – 4PM

Note: Saturdays are scheduled for Train-the-Trainer Dog Training Programs at Whispering Oaks Kennels.

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