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Hidden Dog Fence Services

Safer By Design Greater Peace Of Mind™
Customer Service, Integrity, Quality Minded

Pet Stop’s mission statement is “to install the most technologically advanced hidden dog fence in the pet containment industry.” We are The Dog Fence Experts!™

Our team is honest, equipped with knowledge and experience to serve you, and has collectively installed thousands of underground dog fences during their years with Pet Stop. We’re prepared to answer your questions on pricing, installations, troubleshooting, Underground Dog Fence and Dog Watch Brand® comparisons.

Our promise to you, our customer, is 100% satisfaction and the best professional installation of your Underground Dog Fence. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for on this website, please contact us directly. We’d love to speak to you and answer all of your questions and concerns.

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Advanced Technology
Dog Watch False Claims

Introducing the Battery-Free EcoLite™ Receiver at only ¾ ounce
Rechargeable Receiver w/Charging Station Diagnostics

Go Smallest, Go Lightest, Go EcoGreen!

Pet Stop is Proudly Made in the USA

Personalized Products & Customer Care

Pet Stop® Brand is the only electronic pet containment system made in the USA. Our products are uniquely customized to meet our customer’s needs. Our product designs and systems safely contain any dog both indoors and outdoors.

We’re a family owned business that delivers warm, personal service dedicated to your satisfaction. Backed by Perimeter Technologies, Inc, Pet Stop of North Georgia, Inc. is the third largest Pet Stop dealership in the USA. You can count on us!

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Our Technology vs. Hidden Dog Fence And Dog Watch®

We believe that Pet Stop® Brand Dog Fence Technology is not only compatible with Hidden Dog Fence Products, Dog Watch® and other brands, but is like no other pet containment company in Atlanta.

Why? Because only we provide you with:

  • Lifetime containment for any dog you put in our fence  
  • Lifetime warranties and money back guarantee on all products, containment, installations, and components that we install.  (Check out Pet Stop’s Ultra Care™ Warranty), including your boundary wire
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Invisible Dog Fence Repairs

We offer repair and troubleshooting for all products!

Pet Stop of North Georgia, Inc. installations guarantee ALL parts of your underground dog fence. Join the Pet Stop® family and experience our “Hands-on Service” with in-home consultations & free on-site evaluations. We will be there for a life-long relationship; you can count on us! Try out our 72-hour service guarantee for yourself.

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Gentle Steps Training™

Gentle Steps™ is a proprietary, low stress, effective way to train your dog to the Pet Stop®, Dog Fence System. Gentle Steps™ is just one of the many ways the Pet Stop® System is “safer by design to give you greater peace of mind”™. This process works for dogs in the Hidden Dog Fence also.

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