Digging Deeper into the Questions of Geo Dog Fences, GPS Dog Fences vs Electronic Wired Dog Fences

Example: Halo® Dog Fences and SpotOn® Dog Fence and PetSafe® GPS

Electronic Hidden Dog Fence Systems have a buried boundary with a fixed digital modulated signal transmitted from the buried wire and having its origin from a Computer Transmitter, commonly called a “wired fence system”. GPS or Geo Dog Fence is “wireless”. A Geo Dog Fence makes use of satellites to map a specific boundary, such as your yard, creating what’s known as a “geo-fence” or “gps-fence” Essentially, the area the pet is allowed access, or the dog fence boundary is mapped in advance using satellite technology and Bluetooth cellular technology.

Both Electronic Buried Wire Systems like Pet Stop®, Invisible Fence®, and Dog Watch® Brands and Geo Systems, like Halo®, SpotOn®, PetSafe®, Brands, have a Receiver Collar which activates when the dog wearing the collar enters into the signal zone. All these Brands claim to keep your dog safely contained in their designated Boundary.

What might be your concerns as you research which System to purchase either wired or wireless? We would like to suggest the following: 

Question #1  Inconsistent Boundary and Dog Containment

Electronic Hidden Dog Fence Systems provide a more consistent Boundary. Pet Stop® Brand Hidden Dog Fence Systems only fluctuate about 3 Inches. Pet Stop® Receivers can be programed to be more or less sensitive as needed. GPS Dog Fence Systems have been known to fluctuate as much as 30 feet from the supposed Boundary. The GPS, GEO Dog Fence Systems rely on communication between the GEO Fence System and a satellite. The Fluctuations in Triangulation of the Receiver, Fence and Satellite is what brings about the inaccuracies of the Boundary.

A Consistent Boundary is a must in Properly Training your dog on his Boundary.

A Consistent Boundary ensures your dog knows exactly where he must not cross and where his “Safe Zone” is located. When the GPS Signal Fluctuates widely and as often as it does, or the Geo Fence System is not operating properly, your family pet becomes confused and unsure where it is safe for him to play. The fluctuation of the Geo Dog Fence makes your dog afraid to venture into his fence and run through the boundary because it has moved and bolt the wrong way when his Geo Receiver Alarms or Shocks him unexpectedly. The result is your dog cannot safely play in his yard without breaching his Boundary, and you do not have the Peace of Mind that your pet is safely contained and having fun running and playing outside.

The Electronic Pet Stop Fence Line has a fluctuation of 3 Inches
verses about 30 Feet for GEO Fences. Training your dog is
very difficult with GEO Fences
electric dog fence technology

Question #2 Limited Use and Application (5 Acres or Less?)

GPS Dog Fences or Geo Dog Fences are not recommended for smaller properties like 5 acres or less. The Boundary can “wave” as much as 30 feet. This fluctuation may be as little as 10 feet, but on a smaller property this is a real concern. Both Halo® and SpotOn® Brand caution you to consider how much “Open Sky” your “Safe Zone” will encompass. There is also a concern over trees and other densities in the Boundary Area. There are many conditions to be aware of or you will not be satisfied with your product, its functionality and only giving your dog access to just one acre of the five that would normally be available with wired systems. For example, if your Five Acre Area is 70% trees and you must be 30 feet from the road and 30 feet from the tree line, your dog will lose much of the Five Acre area and your system may still not work as advertised. Pet Stop® Systems have zero issues for Use or Application in 99% of possible installation locations.

Question #3  Shorter, Inconsistent Battery Life, Shorter Life as Time Goes By?

Geo Fence Brands suggest that you will have 24-hour battery life. Batteries do not last based on Chronology, but on use and battery drain. These systems often have a battery life of more like 9hrs after a period of time and exposure. Collars with a short battery life may result in difficulties for training and for system functionality, i.e. the battery goes dead, and the life of the battery decreases over time. In these cases, batteries must be charged more and more often, dogs may not get the warning needed, so eventually neither you nor your dog are aware that the collar is dead, next your dog runs out of the fence. Pet Stop® Receivers are the lightest, smallest in the Pet Containment Industry at .75oz and the rechargeable Link® Receiver has a Life of at least 2weeks with each four-hour charge. The Link® Receiver blinks for four days to let you know to charge; just charge your Link® Receiver overnight and you are ready for at least another 2 weeks of safety and fun for your family pet. Some Pet Stop® Customers chose Pet Stop® Battery Operated Receivers and change the battery every 9-12 months. The Receiver Blinks for about 8 days letting them know to simply change out the battery.

Question #4 Geo Receivers to BIG & HEAVY


GEO/GPS Fences vs Pet Stop®

Geo/Gps Receivers Pet Stop® Eco-Link™ Receivers
Geo/Gps Receivers Weigh about 8 Ounces
Too heavy for Dogs under 40lbs – Looks BIG!
Pet Stop® Eco-Link™ Receivers Weight .75 Oz
Fits Dogs from 5lbs to 150lbs
Geo Receivers are not 100% Waterproof Eco-Links are a Closed System & 100% Waterproof 
Geo Rechargeable Receivers Have Decreasing 24hr Charge Life, sometimes decreasing to less than 9hrs  Eco-Links™ Have a 2 wk Charge Life & Diagnostics Recharging for 25yrs & Lifetime Warrantied
Geo Receivers are not Durable, Soils Easily & Fit Poorly So Are Not Secure – Probes are too Short for Some Breeds with Thick Coats & Long Hair Eco-Links™ Have Patented Spring Comfort Probes Works on any Breed, on any Dog, Size, Any Coat

100% Guaranteed Containment any Dog or Property

Not Programable for Every Dog, Size, Prey Drive, Ball Drive, Stubborn Temperament, Determined Eco-Links Over 5000 Programing Options, Most in the Industry, No Matter the Drive or Temperament
Geo/Gps Receivers not Diagnostic, so What do You Know? When it is too late? “Oh, My Dog Is Gone!”  Eco-Links are Diagnostic & go through a 7-point test so you know they are working 

Might You Consider PETSTOP® Brand?

An American Technology Company from Perimeter Technologies®

Pet Stop of Atlanta & North Georgia www.atlantapetstopdogfence.com


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Pet Stop of Greenville, SC www.greenvillepetstop.com


Whispering Oaks professional Dog Training www.teachmydog.net

Averaging about 500 installations / year / 25 yrs family owned & operated / Plexidor dog doors / 4.9 STARS

We are committed to providing the Safest, most Effective Electronic Hidden Dog Fence Systems in the Pet containment Industry. At this time, we believe that wireless GPS Dog Fence Systems do not provide the same level of Safety, Functionality, 100% Application and Reliability as In ground Electric Pet Fence Systems like Pet Stop® Brand provides.

You will soon discover that the PETSTOP® Electronic Hidden Dog Fence Systems are superior to any GPS or Geo Pet Fence Systems. Let’s Take a Look!


GPS Satellite Signals: are often affected by atmospheric conditions and disturbances, as well as buildings, metal roofs, trees and foliage, all leading to erratic boundary lines which bring about confusion for both you and your pet. These erratic inconsistencies make training your dog safely, in these conditions, very difficult and sometimes even impossible. Inconsistencies, like these, cause confusion and potential danger for pets. HALO®, SpotOn®, PetSafe Brand GPS Systems do not always show accurately your Dogs location either inside or outside of the Geo Dog Fence as well as a boundary that is often back and forth from 15-30 feet. The movement of the Boundary Line causes your Dog to receive a “shock” in his “Safe Zone”. PETSTOP® Systems, American Technology, ensures a consistent reliable physical wired barrier without any reliance on signals affected by environmental factors. Our professionally installed systems provide an immediate, secure Boundary that your pet cannot run through, run under, jump over, go around, or find an opening in the Boundary Signal because of a Break in GPS Signal or Data. Pet Stop® Systems prevent delays in Data, Boundary Signals, and Activations which all work together to Safeguard your pet. Pet Stop® Systems accurately assimilate Data at the Boundary Wire, and Eco-Link Receivers Activate in 80milsec which guarantees your dog can not be faster than its Wired Boundary Fence. Our Activations are 100% Accurate to always activate in 80milsec and never Falsely Activate 

Delays in Satellite/Collar Updating: GPS Accuracy of your dog’s location compared to “Instant Location” with Buried Wire Barriers. Critical situations occur due to delayed signals, risking the pet’s safety. Pet Stop® Brand Hidden Pet Fence Systems have a fluctuation point of only three inches and can be adjusted to match each dog in our “PETSTOP® FENCE” so the Boundary Line is the same for a 5lb dog and a 150lb Great Dane. Activation time is 80milsec from our Digitally Modulated Signal, that’s 100% accurate 100% of the time. Pet Stop® Technology functions so you and your dog can Easily Learn and Trust the Boundary Line & Data. Geo Dog Fences are not easy to set up or maintain, contrary to present Marketing.

Difficulty in creating Custom Boundaries for irregularly shaped or small yards and properties Five Acres or Less. GPS Systems Leave areas unprotected and restricts the pet’s movement unnecessarily. With Pet Stop’s Fixed Wired Fencing you can not only maximize every square foot of your property, but you can also control the location of your dog on your property insuring he never leaves his Fence Area and ends up next door or in the road. Any Configuration is possible, For example if you want to set up “No Go Zones” as in your dog stays in the back yard only, or prevent him from being on the porch, in the flowerbed, Koi Pond, Jungle Gym, or away from the chicken or rabbit pen or even create a “dog free area” for your children; all these Customizations are easily available with Pet Stop’s American Technology providing both “In the Yard” customizations and “Inside Your Home Solutions” as well. These highly accurate, highly specific customizations are not available with Geo Fencing Systems currently.

Reliance on the Halo® Collar and SpotOn® Collar rechargeable batteries with limited and decreasing lifespans; Risks leaving your pet vulnerable if the battery runs out while outside the designated area (now your dog is not warned to go home or does not receive a shock because the battery now only holds a charge for 9hrs vs what was advertised) requiring regular maintenance, by you, for functionality. Geo Fencing for both Halo® and SpotOn® Brands highly recommend that you regularly inspect your Geo Fence for accuracy. Who has time for this System Maintenance? Okay, when was the last time you evaluated your Dog’s GPS Settings by walking your Five to Ten acres to be sure everything is “Good to Go”. Pet Stop® Brand offers both battery options lasting 9-12 months before changing and Rechargeable Receivers (which are Diagnostic) with a consistent recharging time frame of about two weeks. The Eco-Link™ Receiver is 100% Waterproof for pools, ponds, rivers, and lakes. The Eco-Link™ weighs .75oz vs the Geo-Fence collars which are not 100% waterproof and weigh about 8oz. The PETSTOP® Professionally Installed System, has a boundary wire that has a signal fluctuating about 3”. A wire that can be located, so it does not get cut, Electronics which are end user friendly and a Local Dealer who is an expert in his field, knowledgeable, a professional business owner, installer, dog trainer, who is also just a phone call away who will help you and in person as needed.

Yes, that’s Right! Pet Stop® Dealers have you covered from Nose to Tail and back again. We guarantee it!

Utilization of static correction methods (Shock Values) may lead to pet anxiety or fear based on the inconsistencies of the Boundary or being shocked in the house or in the dog’s “Safe Zone”; these are failures of Geo Pet Fence Systems. Potential behavioral issues impacting the pet’s overall well-being occur, so your dog does not want to leave the house and or accidently runs through the Boundary because if fluctuates so wildly from one period to the next. Pet Stop® Brand offers a Gentle Steps™ Approach to Dog Training which is incremental, progressive, and gentle. This Patented Gentle Steps™ Approach is unique in the Pet Containment Industry. Your PETSTOP® Dealer will teach you the Gentle Steps® Approach. Pet Stop Dealers contain dogs weighing 5lbs to dogs over 100lbs with multiple Package Options and over 5000 programing options for any dog on any property. Can you imagine placing an 8oz Geo-Collar on a 30lb dog? Can you say, “Wow, looks like my dog is wearing a suitcase under its chin!”

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