Installing dog fences in Atlanta Georgia

Pet Stop of North Georgia enters the North Georgia area desiring to follow the spirit of in underground dog fence industry – Robert Slattery , The Pet Stop company’s CEO and sole owner, credits his recent growth with hiring Underground Fence founder John Purtell as president of his company.
“The idea was to create a better product and a better and more responsive company to the dealer,” Purtell said. “And it worked.” Pet Stop Fence company has it!
Though Purtell sold his partnership interest in Underground Fence in 1992—the same year Slattery got started—and went into the golf cart business, he was drawn back in the late 1990s because of the potential he still saw in the industry. He also believed customers were being underserved – and that he could do something to fix that.
In 2001, after several years away from the pet containment business, Purtell was looking for a new opportunity. To capitalize on some of his previous success, Purtell went looking for another company with a product he could private-label. He was introduced to Slattery.
Purtell liked what he saw, including several patents the company held, and came to work for Perimeter. “(Slattery) had features and functions none of the other dealers had,” Purtell said. “We shared the same kind of philosophies, and it fell into place very naturally.”
Purtell’s arrival began an upswing in the company. Average annual growth has exceeded 110 percent with the roster of dealers expanding—now at 85—projected to grow by 20 percent each year, Slattery said. In 2009 Mike and Adam Sinteff became certified dealers of Pet Stop Systems through Pet Stop of North Georgia. Mike and Adam admired the zeal and competitive spirit of John Purtell and the fact that the Pet Stop System is the only American made system left in America. It was this commitment to Product, Quality, and Service that drew Mike and Adam Sinteff to the Pet Stop Family of Dealers. Adam puts it this way, “We love America and we love to support American manufacturing and ingenuity. We could have installed for any pet containment company, but today, we proudly install the American Made Pet Stop system.”
Pet Stop of North Georgia continues to focus on Product, Quality, and Service for its pet loving customers by introducing an aggressive pricing strategy, an unparalleled Service After the Sale commitment, a 100% Product Warranty, and a 100% Containment Guarantee. Pet Stop Customers in Cumming, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Gainesville, and Marietta already see the Service Commitment and Feel the Quality Difference Mike and Adam bring to the Pet Containment Industry. For professional dog training and boarding contact Mike and Adam at Whispering Oaks Kennels in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

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