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Atlanta Pet Stop Dog Fence - Plexidor Permformance Pet Doors

Plexidor® Pet Doors are professionally engineered and are now being professionally installed by Mike and Adam Sinteff through Pet Stop of North Georgia in the Metro Atlanta  area and are engineered and manufactured from quality materials to be the very best: quiet, energy-efficient, completely secure, long-lasting and most importantly safe and easy for pets to use or your money back with our unconditional money back guarantee.

Plexidor doggie doors are in Marmaduke. The Plexidor dog door is the door featured in Marmaduke when he moves to California.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. to ensure reliable delivery and replacement parts service.

Contact Mike or Adam Sinteff at (404)536-6770 or see us on line at

Plexidor® Advantage

Atlanta Pet Stop Dog Fence - Plexidor Advantage Warranty

Clearly the Best for quality, durability and performance.
90 day Satisfaction Guarantee and 5 year unlimited warranty for residential use.

With a Plexidor® Performance Pet Door you will enjoy…

» Peace and Quiet
» Security and Convenience
» Undisturbed Sleep
» Uninterrupted TV
» Freedom from worry about letting your pet out

Dog can safely access your invisible pet fence at will

Plexidor Electronic : Security and Animal Control

Atlanta Pet Stop Dog Fence - Plexidor Interior Door View

Plexidor® electronic door provides security with access control for doors and walls.

The Plexidor® electronic door only opens for your pet while keeping other animals out. The collar key is an electronic RFID (radio frequency identification) that is attached to your pet’s collar. The door reads the key code as your dog approaches and if it recognizes the code, it slides up like a mini garage door, allowing access for your pet. You can program the key to accept just one of thousands of possible key codes, so it is very secure. The rugged electronic collar keys do not require batteries, are water and shock proof, and also work with underground fencing and household security systems. (No need to worry about interference between these other systems)

We have models for both door mounting and wall mounting to suite dogs up to roughly 125 lbs in size. The main frame has a low profile of just 1 5/8″ in thickness. Door plugs into household outlet or can be hardwired. Both models are available in 2 colors: white or brown.

All models come complete with pet door, exterior trim, stainless steel hardware, 2 collar keys, power supply and 15ft cord, and are backed by our industry leading 90-day satisfaction guarantee and 5-year no-hassle warranty! If you have any questions call Mike or Adam Sinteff with Pet Stop of North Georgia (404)536-6770 your Atlanta Plexidor® dealer, they can help


Size Opening Width Opening Height Weight
Large 12.75″ 20″ up to 125 lbs

Keeps dog’s bladder empty & dog happy. No “Accidents” inside. Keeps Mommy happy. Installing our energy efficient pet doors will leave you feeling “GREENER” than ever

Plexidor® Electronic Advantage

  • Secure – Interior stainless steel locking bar, thousands of key codes. Opens only for your pet. Tough shatter resistant panel. Heavy, thick aluminum frames that won’t bend. Won’t interfere with home security systems.
  • Energy Efficient – No Gaps for air infiltration, saves you money.
  • Pet and Child Safe – Panel won’t close when obstructed. Total control up and down. No pinched tails. No pinched fingers. Panel will not free fall with power failure.
  • Dependable – Runs on household current. Collar key is waterproof and does not need batteries. Key fastens securely to collar. Interior mounted motor will not freeze up in cold.
  • Durable – Steel and hardened aluminum frame with thick acrylic closing panel. Wall units include aluminum tunnel pieces and stainless steel mounting hardware for years of service. No unsightly rust streaks on your home.
  • Easy to Use – One button programming to add or change collar codes quickly and simply. Collar key snaps on easily and stays on. Comes complete with pet door, exterior trim, stainless steel hardware, 2 collar keys and power supply with 15ft cord.

What Customers Say About Plexidor Pet Doors & BiteGuard KennelPlex Doors

“Just want to tell you how pleased I am with my new pet door and pet fence. After six years and all the abuse a big dog can give it, your door still works great, and it’s still silent. I will definitely be ordering the Plexidor again if ever needed. We like the fact that we can easily lock the door at night and during the day when we do not want our dog running in and out of the house”
Darline Hager, Marietta, GA

“Our life has been heaven and the reduction in air conditioning bills will more than pay for itself in no time. I just can’t say enough about how happy we are with the Plexidor and all it’s done for our ‘doggy’ boys and us. In the past we used the popular dog doors found in local stores and could not believe how much heat or cold can in through these doors. Plexidors are insulated and stop inside and out side air exchange.”
Laural Tarry, Atlanta, GA

“Mike and Adam I Just wanted to tell you how happy my dogs and I are with our Plexidor you guys did a great job with our installation; they installed both our Pet Stop fence and our dog door. I feel that having the ability to ‘go’ whenever they need to is a big contributor to a dog’s health. After all, how many of us could wait 10-12 hours a day! Our Plexidor has allowed me to leave my dogs comfortably in their own home whenever I have to leave town; they can decide for themselves when they go out into their new fence. It’s paid for itself many times over, saving my kennel fees, vet fees (no exposure to sick kenneled dogs) and stain damage to my house—not to mention not having to play doorman to 2 dogs in the middle of the night. We haven’t had an ‘accident’ since they were paper trained.”
Jack Kemph, Woodstock, Georgia

“We have two Belgian Tervurens, one Doberman and one Sheltie that had already had an underground dog fence. We’d gone through 3 other doors in just one kennel because the Tervuren chewed the flaps off, then we’d have flies and hot air pouring into our outdoor kennel area. We tried everything…then we got…4 large Plexidors. We weren’t sure they’d be ‘Terv-proof,’ and the price was high, but we’d already spent that much for 3 other doors in one run and still didn’t have one they hadn’t chewed up. I am VERY HAPPY to report that they haven’t even touched the Plexidors except to run in and out! I normally don’t write businesses but I had to let you know how pleased we are with the doors you installed for us.”
Buddy & Terry Hines, Gwinnet County Georgia

“I’ve had one of your extra large Plexidors for several years and I love it. After having had several other cheaper doors, this door is absolutely worth every penny.”
Larry Mullins, Atlanta, GA

“After 6 years and all the abuse a big dog can give it, the weather-stripping has been the only casualty. My $7 check for new weather-stripping and adhesive is enclosed. Unlike the flap-type door my sister has, my Plexidor is almost silent. I’m very pleased with your product and your fast service. It is nice to have our dogs freely go in and out into their Pet Stop underground dog fence.”
Debbie Hager, Marietta, GA

“We have had your pet doors since 1999. The newest one was installed two years ago, and our shelties love coming and going during the day. It is your best door and has great insulating features. Very sturdy. Thank you for a great product and great service.”
Paul McDonald, Cobb County

What Kennel Owners Say about the BiteGuard KennelPlex.

“They (BiteGuards) have really cut our fuel bills down.”
“They are basically bomb proof.”
–Jeff Woods, Misty Pines Kennel, Pennsylvania

“We can stand behind their (BiteGuards) ability to withstand colder Canadian climate.”
–Sheila Sulton, Spotted Spa Retreat, British Columbia, Canada

“Great company to do business with. Easy company to business with. They (BiteGuard doors) have stood up to the beating the dogs give them.”
–Alex Pierson, Private Kennel, Ontario, Canada

If you’re looking for the best, choose BiteGuard.
–Curtis Gebers, Red Rock Canyon Cane Corsos, Las Vegas, Nevada