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Mike, Adam, Matthew Sinteff, Jason, Rachel Hall, Brittany, and the Whole Team at Pet Stop of North Georgia, Guarantees you we will install the most Technologically Advanced, Professionally Installed Electronic Det Fence System in America Today. We are #1 in the Atlanta Market, All North Georgia, and surrounding areas. – We are Locally Owned, and Family Operated, with over 20 years in the Pet Service Industry; we have our office in Dahlonega, Georgia.

We average about 500 Hidden Dog Fences Installations per year, With over 10,000 fence installations, in the last 20+ years. We know how to install an electronic dog fence that works best for your dog’s safety, comfort and even insures you will never buy another component for your underground dog fence guaranteed lifetime.

How is Pet Stop Brand Different than Invisible Fence, Dog Watch, and Dog Guard Brands and as well as the DIY companies called Superior Dog Fence, Pet Safe, Etc. Check out the Websites for Invisible Fence and Dog Watch; you will not see this detail on any other Brand’s Website. Give us a call now for a Brand By Brand Comparison 404-536-6770

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COMPARE EQUIPMENT BRANDS Pet Stop® Brand Pet Stop of North Georgia, LLC
MANUFACTURING COMPANY Perimeter Technologies, Inc.
Design, Engineering & Manufacturer
Installing Only 100% Made in America Commercial Products
100% U.S.A. Made
(Morgantown, PA)
Pet Stop is Made in the USA. All other Brands Made in China
(Most Experienced Management & Engineering team in the industry)
20+ YEARS in the Pet Service Industry. Family Owned & Operated. Serving 70 counties in GA, SC, NC, AL. We have the Largest Dealer Area in America
All Containment Products
All Electronics Unconditionally Lifetime Warranty and Transferable unlike Invisible Fence and Dog Watch
DOG CHEW WARRANTY YES 100% Unconditional Dealer Warranty on All Electronics unlike Invisible Fence & Dog Watch
DEALER NETWORK Large (Over 175 Dealers) Pet Stop of North Georgia is the

#2 Pet Stop Dealer in America

CROSS-BRAND COMPATIBILITY Programmable for Compatibility with Invisible Fence Brand Pet Stop Technology allows our Receivers to Program on Invisible Fence Transmitters, We are not the Invisible Fence Company.
SIGNAL TYPE & OPTIONS • DM (Computer Generated Digital)
• 5 Frequencies, 5 Modulations

Most Modulations in the Hidden Fence Industry

State of the Art Computer Generated DM Modulation Guarantees 100% Accuracy

Our Installers are Expert Programmers ensuring that there is no interference with your Pet Stop Electronic Dog Fence Systems. No Problems if your neighbor has Invisible Fence or Dog Watch Brand

LIGHTNING PROTECTION • On-Board (All Transmitters)
• Includes Grounding Rod, Surge Protector
Only Pet Stop Installs All Three Types of Lightening Protection unlike Invisible Fence and Dog Watch which only employ two
Over 8000
Owner Adjustable Through Blue Tooth & OT-300 Computer Transmitter™
Gold Package Link™ Receivers: Allows Customer Programing Blue Tooth Smart Phone Unlike Invisible Fence & Dog Watch
TRAINING LEVELS 13 Ultra Low Levels the most of any Brand Link™ Receivers are Customer Adjustable including No Shock Mode Unlike Invisible Fence & Dog Watch
CONTAINMENT LEVELS 32 Progressive Correction Levels
Self Adjusting
Only Pet Stop Allows Complete Custom Customer Control of Shock Values in Receiver and Boundary Wire. Other Brands Require a Service Call or Mail to Dealer’s Office
INDEPENDENT COLLAR SETTINGS, Exclusive Fully Programable for Each Dog All Settings Independent
Fully Programmable by Customer
Pet Stop Blue Tooth Receivers, Smallest, Lightest Receivers are Fully Programable, Diagnostic, and 25yr. Rechargeable, Fastest Activation Speed No Run Through 80MilSec
3 Comfort Contacts, 4 Stainless Steel, 1 Rubber Tip
1 Gentle-Spring Retractable Patented
Only Pet Stop Provides Gentle Spring™ Probes – Short Coats, Medium, Thick and Super Long Coats, Any Dog, Breed, Size
RECEIVER COLLAR OPTIONS (Weight) Our Max Correction Strength Rating◊ (Min. 1 – Max. 10) • UltraElite™ S2 (1.3 oz) 0– 8
• UltraTuff™ S2 (2.0 oz) 0– 8
• UltraMax™ (2.3 oz) – 0-10
• EcoLite™ RC (0.88 oz) 0– 10
Pet Stop Offers More Receiver Options, More Programable, Diagnostic, Rechargeable, Progressive, Blue Tooth Technology, Pet Stop Systems Designed & Manufactured in the USA
Rechargeable EcoLite™
Link™ Bluetooth Smart Receiver
This Level of Technology is not Available in Invisible Fence or Dog Watch Brand Systems
(varies by model)
► Gentle Steps™ Training Mode
► 3-Level Stopper™ Mode
► Variable Distance Settings
► Anti-Run Through Technology™

► Progressive Shock Values from 0-13+

► Puppies, Older, Deaf, Blind, from 2.5lbs – 200lbs Dogs,

► Most Programable Receivers

Patented Training Programming and Easy Gentle Steps™ Training Setting are Programable by the Customer. Not so with Invisible Fence, Dog Watch Brands

Our Installers have not less than 10 years’ experience and are certified dog trainers, they will walk your yard with you, answer all your questions, Program your dog’s Receiver, Do a System Orientation and Install your patented Gentle Steps™ Training Program, and leave only when you are 100% ready.

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