Boundary Wire Training – The big question, “Is my dog understanding his electric fence training and how do I know he is ready to have fun in his hidden pet fence?”
The answer, no matter the degree of distraction (people, deer, dogs, squirrels) on the other side of the boundary wire, I test him with, he stays safely in the yard during a 3-4 day testing period. We want to throw every possible test we can think of at him so that we know for sure he respects his Pet Stop Brand electronic fence.
Most dogs have a “High Ball Drive” and like to chase something moving, some have a “High Prey Drive” and their hunting instinct sends them chasing squirrels, birds, rabbits, deer and the neighbor’s cat. Many dogs are stubborn, determined, high pain tolerant etc. The more this is true of your dog the stronger your dog’s collar must be programmed to deter the dog’s breaching his Pet Stop Fence. Pet Stop Electronic Pet Fence Receivers activate in 80 milliseconds, the fastest in the industry, insuring the collar activates before your dog can run through, next Pet Stop collars can be programmed at 6 volts, 7.5 volts and beyond guaranteeing that the receiver is stronger than the dog’s willingness to run through the fence. Pet Stop Electronic Fence Systems have over 8000 programming options.
For example if your dog is a very determined Husky, German Short Hair, German Shepherd or 160 pound Italian Mastiff chasing the neighbor’s cat, the Pet Stop Electric Collar is so fast and so strong that the dog doesn’t cross the boundary wire.
In this video Adam, Cookie and Miss TERESA show how the boundary wire training works during this testing period.
Once you are sure your family pet is 100% contained in his Pet Stop Underground Fence, continue to monitor him while out in the yard with him for several more days.
If you are not sure of how it is going during your training period, do not take a chance with your dog’s safety, give us a call immediately at 404-536-6770
If you are not sure he is ready to be released into his fence safely,  your Sales Agreement with Pet Stop, requires you to call us for assistance; there is no charge for this free service.
Thanks from the Team at Pet Stop of North Georgia! Now Let’s Get Started!