Geo Dog Fence Receivers i.e. Halo Brand, SpotOn Brand, Invisible Fence Brand, Pet Safe Brand, etc weigh about 8oz which is 1/2 lb and are too big, cumbersome, uncomfortable, do not hold up long around the necks of rough & tumble dogs.

Geo Dog Fence Receivers are not 100% guaranteed waterproof and seem too heavy for dog 40lbs or less. The Pet Stop Brand Eco-Link Receiver is about.7oz,   🐾 is 100% Waterproof,   🐾 is Rechargeable for two weeks, and has a recharging life of about 25 yrs.  🐾 the Pet Stop Brand Eco-Link is Lifetime Warrantied by Pet Stop of North Georgia, LLC in our Dealer area: Atlanta, GA., Athens GA., Greenville, SC and Franklin NC,

🐾 The Pet Stop Charging Stand is Diagnostic, letting you know your system is working and your Pup is safe and playing in his yard, 🐾 is gentle enough for dogs 2.5lb – 100lbs with thousands of programing options,

🐾 A Patented Training Program called Gentle Steps is built right into the Pet Stop Receiver and Eco-Link App assigned to your Smartphone,   🐾 are Bluetooth compatible with your Smartphone, you control your dog’s Reciever and your dog’s fence right in the palm of your hand,  🐾 can be used to adjust the OT-300 Activation Values, the system uses a electronic communication signal guaranteed to never falsely activate and activates 100% of the time safely containing any dog in any fence  🐾 has an Activation Speed of 80Milsec so dogs are not fast enough to run through.

🐾 you can use the Pet Stop Brand Eco-Link with Bluetooth Technology for a Training Collar in your home and activate a white flashing light so you can see your dog in the backyard, that’s right two collars in one, one keeps your dog safely contained and doubles as a training collar, 🐾

Reach your area dealer right from your Pet Stop App and receive programing updates from your dealer straight to your phone,   🐾 Stimulation values are Progressive for puppies and all small breed dogs, every dog has a custom program specifically for him and his Pet Stop Electronic Hidden Pet Fence System.