Please call our answering service at the following number

We value in importance of our Christian Faith!

We value Love of Country and Freedom!

We value the Importance of Family!

Therefore we are on vacation the
following dates remaining in 2015:

Christmas Celebration

December 23 thru
January 3rd 2016  11 Days

Thanksgiving Day

Thursday and Friday
November 26-27

Before these dates arrive:

  • Be sure you have an extra battery on hand
  • Be sure your system is working
  • Adjust your dog’s collar so that it is snug and not so called “comfortable or loose”
  • See the following link: https://atlantapetstopdogfence.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Pet-Stop.pdf
  • Purchase a Wire Break Repair Kit / $35.00 which includes a spare Surge Protector, 5ft of Boundary Wire, and four Water Proof Slice Caps to repair a Wire Break
  • If your system is currently not working, do not leave your dog in his fence if it is not operational

If your service call can wait until we are back in town, please leave a message with our answering service with: The Problem you are having and the dates and times you are available for service. Leaving a message will help us serve you better when we return.
If it is an emergency, we will call you. We may be out of town on vacation. If we are doing a “stay at home” vacation we may be able to help you.
-Thanks, Mike Sinteff and Staff