Pet Stop North Georgia offers 72 hour Service Guarantee on all Underground Dog Fence Brands


Pet Stop underground dog fencing is often mistakenly referred to generically as “Underground fences”, but Underground Fence® and Underground Fencing® are Brand name, products and registered trademarks of Radio Systems, Inc.

Pet Stop North Georgia offers products, services and training not available with other Underground Pet Containment systems, for example Mike and Adam Sinteff offer a 72 hour service guarantee with every Pet Stop Brand dog fence installation or the repair is free! They are offering this to any client of any Brand Dog Fence anywhere in North Georgia Pet Stop!

Additionally, Pet Stop North Georgia includes cutting of driveways and sidewalks to better protect the boundary wire from being cut by the landscaper’s edger blade. Conduit is used in every area where the boundary wire is likely to be cut or damaged. A surge protector and grounding rod is used in every installation to protect the boundary wire from damage by lightning strikes or power surges.

Pet Stop North Georgia also offers this challenge, “Pet Stop has the Most Technologically Advanced Equipment – Or Your Fence Is Free!” Only Pet Stop can offer this kind of peace of mind to its valued customers. Pet Stop puts its money where its mouth is.
Pet Stop North Georgia provides professional grade in-ground electronic pet fence systems and dog fence service on all dog fencing brands.  Pet Stop North Georgia electronic underground dog fence also specializes in installation, training and services to keep your pet safe and secure in their home and their yard.  We’ve chosen the Pet Stop® brand of underground dog fences because of their commitment to the most advanced and durable pet containment products anywhere.  While most other manufacturers have moved production over seas, Pet Stop® products are built here in the United States.  Our engineering staff is on-site to ensure that your dog or cat will have the most reliable fence on the market.

Pet Stop North Georgia is the only underground electric dog fence company that can offer the “Gentle Step™” programing of the dog’s collar. These technologically advanced collars are recommended by area veterinarians to be used safely even down to puppies as young as 12 weeks.

You might be asking what is new for 2010 in the Pet Containment Industry? Well, New For 2010 – Universal Remote Trainer!
Works with Pet Stop – Pet Safe* – Underground Fence* – DogWatch* 

Please feel free to contact Mike Sinteff at (404)536-6770 to find out more about Pet Stop of North Georgia and Pet Stop Brand underground dog fencing. You can catch us at and also. Read what our customers say about us at in Atlanta Georgia.