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Press Release for Pet Stop of North Georgia, the best dog fence you’ll never see®!
When speaking to Mike about the American Made Quality of his Pet Stop Fence systems, you can hear the pride in his voice and see it on his face, “The devices are produced at a 5,000-square-foot Morgantown, Pa. facility, where Purtell spends about half his time. The company employs over 45 people and close to 200 dealers. The systems are sold online and through dealers around the country. Mike explains the reaction of Dogs like this, “They go Whoa!”
Mike is pleased with Pet Stop’s recent increased success; Pet Stop ranks itself third in the estimated $300 million pet fence industry. On top is still Invisible Fence, with Knoxville, Tenn.-based PetSafe and Natick, Mass.-based DogWatch. Competition is fierce, but Perimeter believes it can take the lead in two to five years. Mike and Adam Sinteff are on board to be sure it happens.
Tales of ‘whoa’ “The Tale is in the Collar”, Mike Says!
Most veterinarians believe sending an electric pulse to a pet is a humane way to correct unwanted behavior such as running outside of a yard. Some even recommend the systems, said Ric Berlinski, a veterinarian at Colerain Animal Clinic. Ric puts it this way, ““I think if the owners take the time to acclimate and train the dogs to the system like they’re supposed to they are very, very good for most dogs,” Berlinski said. “When we find that if the systems don’t work it’s that the owner didn’t take the time.” Berlinski added that owners must also practice with their pets about every six weeks to remind them how the fence system works. He likened it to taking a dog to obedience school and carrying the lessons back home. “It’s the same thing – you need to reinforce them,” he said.
Mike agrees and adds, “The pulse that the animals receive equates to the sensation of touching a metal doorknob with static electricity built up, he said. It’s enough to alert the dog but doesn’t hurt. “It causes mild discomfort,” he said. “It just makes them go ‘whoa’.”
Mike and Adam Sinteff know the importance of Training the Owner and the Dog. It is this “Train the Trainer” that has given so much confidence to the owner that over 98% of customers train their own dogs. Mike and Adam Sinteff make sure they have the know how, get the practice and encouragement they need before leaving them to do their own training. This saves them money and grows respect for them in the eyes of their family pet. This kind of professional “Gentile Steps Training” is happening in such places as Sugar Hill, Buford, Mableton, Flowery Branch and Norcross, in fact with Pet Stop of North Georgia, it is happening all over town!

Thanks, Mike

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