Why Mike Sinteff Dealerships for Pet Stop Brand underground dog fencing

Mike and Adam Sinteff Chose Pet Stop® Brand electronic dog fencing because of the experience found only in Pet Stop Brand Fencing. When Mike Sinteff of Whispering Oaks Kennels was looking for another business to start in the Pet Care Industry, Pet Stop Brand underground dog fencing immediately caught his eye because of the unsurpassed experience of its current and past officers. Mike and Adam have been installing underground electric dog fences for Pet Stop® in the Metro Atlanta Area and through out all the North Georgia area with their dealership Pet Stop of North Georgia a dealer ship that handles an area 50 miles North, South, East, and West of the North Georgia city of Atlanta. Mike would like to share a little of what he found when he began to "dig a little deeper"; what he found was a number of "Big Dogs" in the Pet Containment Industry and soon realized that the other Brands had to keep their "puppy tails" on the porch because they could not run with the "Big Dogs".

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Pet Stop North Georgia gives Underground Electric Dog Fencing Customers Greater Peace of Mind

Pet Stop of North Georgia Announces a "Full Equipment Warranty" on all Pet Stop of North Georgia underground dog fencing components. A Superior Offer from Pet Stop® North Georgia to all North Georgia and all of Metro Atlanta and all North Georgia's Peace of Mind.

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Puppies, mouthing and Underground Hidden Dog Fencing

Mike Sinteff is a Dog behaviorist living in the North Atlanta Metro Area who runs Whispering Oaks Kennels a professional Training Boarding Center and Pet Stop of North Georgia, an Underground dog fencing company. Mike states, "Puppies usually mouth in the excitement of play or for attention as they do in the context of the litter. This mouthing is also part of how they establish relationships and sence the world around then. This is a time when they are very playful, which with puppies seems to be all the time. As a Certified AKC Training Mike Reminds us, "An Exercised dog is a Happy Dog, so it is good if you can get your dog out for three or four hours per day in his underground electric dog fence; he will be safe there". Mike also reminds us to, "keep plenty of water available for dogs that are outside for play time in the Summer."

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Does Your Dog Take You for a Walk?

Most owners are actually walked by their own dogs. "When you see most people, the question is really, "who is walking whom?" points out Mike Sinteff with Pet Stop of North Georgia, North Georgia's Underground dog fencing company and operator of Whispering Oaks Kennels in Cumming, GA. Mike continues, "They do not look like they are having fun at all while their dog drags them all over the place; the dog owner is seen being pulled up one side of the walkway and dog the other. I have actually seen lady's pulled right off their feet and down to the ground by dogs that weigh half as much as they do." Mike adds, "with a few changes most any dog can be walked by almost anyone.

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Whispering Oaks Kennels: Back ground Electric Dog Fences and Electric Dog Collars

Whispering Oaks Kennels: Back ground Electric Dog Fences and Electric Dog Collars Electric Dog Collars are safe if used Properly Mike Sinteff with Pet Stop of North Georgia says, "Electronic canine training devices and electric dog fences have existed for over thirty years. The misconceptions and apprehension surrounding their use is rapidly dissipating through new, improved technological developments and better training. The Electronic training collar and invisible dog fencing are excellent tools to enhance the dog owner relationship in and around the home." Mike Sinteff is available to do both "In-home" and Boarding Training in the following North Georgia Area: Cumming, Marietta, Atlanta, Kennesaw and Gainesville Georgia.

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I cannot Get My Puppy House Broken!

Help!! I Cannot Get My Puppy House Trained! Often the owner needs more training in house breaking concepts than the dog, "Housebreaking success is comprised of a number of factors: a) The dog understanding "outdoors is good, indoors is bad"; b) The dog developing a strong substrate reference for elimination; c) The dog understanding and awaiting a consistent schedule; d) The dog learning physical and psychological control of outer bladder sphincter and outer anal sphincter muscles; and e) the dog physically developing myelination of peripheral nerve cell affecting voluntary elimination activities" Says Mike Sinteff with Whispering Oaks Kennels in Cumming, Ga. Mike is also a dealer for Pet Stop Brand in the North Georgia area including Atlanta, Cumming, Kennesaw, Marietta and Gainesville, Georgia.

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Obedient Dogs are Exercised Dogs

Are you an exisiting Dog Watch®, Invisible Fence®, Pet Stop®, PetSafe®, Pet Guardian®, Innotek®, Dog Guard® or Do-it-yourself customer needing help? You've found the right Dog fence professionals. Installation, Swap Outs/Trade Ins, Wire Breaks, Training, Relocate/Reroute. We provide fast, friendly service using only top quality equipment and professional quality of materials. We only use professional grade products and commercial grade equipment to ensure the best solution and repair services for your pets. •We sell replacement batteries, Nylon collars and wire repair kits. •Offer Boundary flag and dog training and puppy training sessions •Professional grade products, Commercial grade equipment. •Professional wire break locator to help find breaks faster. •Compatible Collars that work on not only Pet Stop®. 100% compatible with Dog Watch®, Invisible Fence®, Dog Guard®, Pet Safe®. •Swap Out offers that can save you a money off Pet Stop electronics. •Highly competitive service rates, and Quick response times. Unsatisfied with your current means of Pet Containment? Become a Pet Stop customer for our Superior Customer Service, less expensive service calls, less expensive batteries, and technology with the largest suite of features. We believe that out digital technology and over 5,000 customizable settings make our fence the best pet fence in the industry. Ask us about our special trade in pricing for Invisible Fence® or these other brands of electric pet fence systems. Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Company. Invisible Fencing® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Company. PetSafe®, Innotek®, Smart Dog®, Invisible Fence® and Pet Guardian® and Radio Fence® are registered trademarks of Radio Systems Corp. Dogwatch is a registered trademark of DogWatch Inc. Dog Guard is a registered trademark of Dog Guard, Inc Pet Stop® is a registered trademark of Perimeter Technologies, Inc. Invisible Fence® is a registered Trademark of the Invisible Fence Company Invisible Fencing® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Company Pet Safe and Innotek are registered trademarks of Radio Systems Corporation. DogWatch is a registered trademark of DogWatch, Inc. Pet Stop® Pet fence Systems also known as: invisible fence, Dog fence, cat fence, electric fence, underground fence, hidden fence. Pet containment system keeping your pet safe - Pet Stop®: "The Best Fence You'll Never See®".

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Pet Stop® – Most Advanced Pet Fence – Why?

"If you can find a more advanced pet fence system, we'll buy it for you" "Pet Stop Corporation put its money where its promise is!", says Mike Sinteff of Pet Stop North Georgia. Why does Pet Stop® make such a Guarantee?, and why does Mike dealership for Pet Stop® Brand underground dog fences? "The answer is simple, Mike continues, Pet Stop's New Versatile Series 2 UltraElite Reciever® is the most advanced, programable collar of all the invisible fence brands. Mike Adds that, "this collar has over 8000 programing options allowing the collar to be the most accurate collar for any dog no matter the breed, the size, the tempermant, the age or the disposition

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