Shopper’s Checklist

  • Advanced Technology Guarantee

    Our guarantee to you is that we will install our most advanced dog fence equipment available, no matter how competitive the price. Pet Stop’s Professional Series 3 Dog Fence System adds the industry’s toughest receiver collar to its advanced firmware programmability to create the first system of its kind, boasting more features and capabilities than any other dog containment system in America.

  • Guaranteed technology, installation & containment

    Our promise to you is that we will install our most advanced dog fence equipment available (no matter how competitive the price), give you a lifetime product warranty, and a lifetime containment guarantee. We set high standards for the quality of our products, and will refund your purchases 100% if your pet is not safely contained, or if there is malfunction of any kind. Our product guarantees are life-long!

  • Package Pricing & Info

    We are happy to answer your questions and give you a price over the phone, but we’d love to visit you on site. Our team members would love to meet you, hear your specific needs, show you the components of “the best fence you’ll never see,” and evaluate your dog’s personality for programing purposes. And the best part is, all “on-site” evaluations are free.

  • Equipment Comparison By Brand

  • Service Call Prevention:

    Through many installation enhancements and Pet Stop’s swap-out program, we have almost eliminated your service call cost. If a component stops working for any reason at all, and you are willing, we will gladly mail you the replacement component and you will mail us the component that does not work.

  • Gentile Steps Training:

    After the installation we will do a “Train the Trainer” session with you and your family. We will explain how to use the system, and how your pet will interact with and in his new electronic dog fence.

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