I trust all my dog fencing, training and boarding needs to Pet Stop of Atlanta

Pet Stop Brand Underground Electronic Dog Fence

About Pet Stop North Georgia & Metro Atlanta Underground Dog Fence Company

Pet Stop North Georgia is an American Made, Professional Family Owned and Operated Underground Dog Fencing Company Installing the Pet Stop Brand Pet Containment System
 Professional Dog Training www.teachmydog.net for AKC, CPT, Good Citizen Certification, Star Puppy Programs https://atlantapetstopdogfence.com
Professionally installing underground dog fences since 1992.
     Mike Sinteff writes, “Dear Mr. Hawkins, thank you for considering The Pet Stop Advantage, the Only Brand of underground dog fence 100% American Made and American Researched. If you have any questions please contact me directly at
*$1080 to 1120.00 is the cost of our average installation with one dog.
* We specialize in all sizes, breeds and temperaments of dogs all the way down to the sweetest little puppies as young as 10-12 weeks with Our (Gentle Steps™ for Puppies Programming)
* I will come back as many times as needed for adjustments in the first year to keep your dog safely contained as your puppy grows.
* I provide a 72 hour service guarantee.
You asked me about Pet Stop’s Technology Guarantee: (If you find a more advanced system Pet Stop will purchase it for you) Pet Stop underground dog fence Systems out perform by comparison all other brands in program-ability and compatibility:
* Containment guarantee of your dog or all money refunded
* Warranty on all components for the life time of your fence no matter the issue or malfunction at hand – we replace components, you’ll never buy another component for your dog’s electronic fence again.
* 100% guarantee against false activations (Digital Modulation is newest Technology)
* 45 mil, 16 gauge multi-strand boundary wire – guaranteed protection
* Superior DM Technology and over 5000 programming options between transmitter and collar for Guaranteed Containment.
 Pet Stop dog fencing systems have four frequencies to program including the ability to program for (Invisible Fence, Dog Watch AM & FM, and Pet Safe Systems) This technology guarantees that we will not have any interference issues (phones, household appliances, garage doors, cable, TV, et al) with the transmitter and collar. Mike Sinteff says, “I 100% guarantee my work, my product, and my promise to keep your dog safely in the yard at all times unconditional money back guarantee”.